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Be bright, be bold

Where would we be without colour?

Colours can be powerful and transformative, so instead of waiting for the sun for warmth, wear it.

There are so many amazing colours out there, surround yourself with them and you will feel instantly uplifted and happier.

Iris Apfel, aged 96

For any tips on how to wear colour and accessories, she is the go-to inspiration. No one does it like Iris.

A dash of shocking pink in #peckham

Just a little goes a long way. How fabulous does she look, with a punctuation of pink?

Seriously amazing. Top £39.99, trousers £69.99, sliders £19.99 Mango

Citrus colours are so fresh and revitalising. Both tops in the &otherstories sale.

Coat £79 and bag £22, Topshop

Jacket £60, bumbag £22, Topshop

Yellow represents sunshine and happiness - she certainly does.

If wearing too much colour isn’t your thing, the obvious way to add some is with your accessories. That's perfectly shown here - what a difference that scarf makes.

Earrings £12.99, H&M

Nicola @littlesisterrocks showing off her striped leg warmers, adding another twist.

A dash of yellow transforms this look. Suede shoes @littlesisterrocks

One bold piece.

Flats £39.99, H&M

Red is symbolic of passion and strength, dress £89 &otherstories

Topshop £46

A beautiful dress by Victoria Beckham

Clogs £159, Swedish Hasbeens

Macrame bag £70, LF Markey

Recycled leather wallet £20, Kemi Telford

Last but by no means least - purple. This magnificent piece is by Pucci, in which I do feel royal and slightly magical.

As the saying goes, go BOLD or go HOME.

It's the only way to wear brights.

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