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Create a new aesthetic

by Dominique Beverton

As we still seem to be in seasonal limbo, in which I can't let go of my winter (comfort) uniform just yet, I'm focusing on accessories as we transition into Spring.

Bag Burberry £490; Sliders Jigsaw £98

As much as I like them, I am feeling the repetition of wearing my heavy knits, coats and cords. So, with or without spending a load of cash, the obvious way to update or add a different vibe to your winter wardrobe is with accessories! They are your very own way of putting your personal stamp on your outfit.

From an early age, we all start to sew, stick, dye or draw on our clothes, wanting something different that screams "I made that". From customising jeans, to writing something deep and sometimes meaningful on a t-shirt (some things never change), certain little touches really can transform a look. They don't ​have to be ​bold

or ​try hard.

From the subtlety of a hair grip to wearing brightly coloured socks, it's all about giving your look a unique twist.

Kemi Telford is a person I've long admired through Instagram. She set up and created her own business, designing and making fabulous pieces such as the necklaces and T shirt above. A true creative and always inspirational. @kemitelford


Nicola Brierley is the proud owner of super cool @littlesisterrocks, with her own inimitable style. These three wonderful people kindly posed for me, rocking their own individual style.

Size isn't everything. The mini bag is cool, cute and collectible.

These two caught my eye, with their cool utilitarian style. Not only do I love their look - big boots (BLUNDSTONE and DM's), cashmere socks, long jackets and cool glasses - they have subtly made this uniform their own. Their warmth and knowledge fit perfectly in this amazing space @dukeofyorksquare. With the huge water feature and the amazing aroma, I could have easily stayed for hours.

NIKE at ​&Otherstories £145; ​ Sunglasses Warehouse £14

Socks AIDA Shoreditch £11.95;

Earrings SORU Jewelry (beautifully worn by @amyeviepullen)

As always, my main source of inspiration are the people I see and meet going about their everyday lives. When I ask if I can take their photo for my blog, they naturally ask why. My usual answer is “because I think you look really cool and I love your outfit", to which they invariably they say: “Me cool? Why thanks, you’ve made my day!“ It’s a great feeling to know you have helped make someone feel good.

By adding, subtracting or reworking your accessories you really can ​transform your look.

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