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Do people wear pastels?

By Dominique Beverton

Do people actually wear pastels in real life? Or are they just for that exclusive group who live in white and cream houses? Practicalities aside, I love the idea and am partial to pastel hues, so here I go, on the trail to find something that is wearable on a day-to-day basis - and perhaps something a bit special, too.

The great thing about pastels is they mix up so well with other colours, in such a subtle way, leaving you to be creative and try new combinations.

These items are definitely for that special event. This skirt is from Céline, £1,400 - it's beautiful and expensive, and pure fantasy. Blouse @hm £5 sale

So, yellow. Many people find this a tricky colour to pull off. It can be quite draining, especially if you're fair skinned like me, as it's too close to your skin tone. So, personally, I would avoid a full on outfit. But, breaking the colour up as I have here makes it work. Let's face it, pink and yellow are a timeless and elegant combination. Now, all I need are some shoes...

Leather boots, £59.99, @hm

Céline, £6,100

This is pure luxury - I couldn't resist trying it on. Basically, it's a suede trench so it works well with jeans. Or, equally, with a floaty yellow or pink number. Again, the classic colours work so well together.

Céline jacket, £1,700.

This whole look is so typical of Céline - the clever way they've designed this oversized tailored jacket to go with this asymmetrical skirt, balancing out the masculine with the feminine. Superb.

Dress from hush, £85

I feel as if this has a 1920's flapper vibe about it. As you can see I kept my jeans on, because frankly my legs are not ready to be seen in public yet. For those of us who don't want to expose our legs just yet, this style works well over trousers. Maybe you could try something lighter, although I love a dress over jeans.

Pleated skirt, £120. Jacket, £190. Jigsaw

Different shades of pink work so well.

Sweatshirt, £34.99. @hm

Quilted jacket, £49.99. @hm

Leather boots, £225. cos

Floral pastels on a cowboy boot. #juxtaposition

Pastels still seem to be elusive to many, thus I haven't been able to find many people wearing them. So, I asked the Ada & Albert team to wear their pastels and, with some borrowing and improvisation, they pulled it out of the bag.

Working it out in pastel pinks, seemingly everywhere. @amyeviepullen and @cosmic.sparkle

The @adaandalbert team pulled out the pastels. Lauren, @JennieKWard and @MichaelaMir

For something just a little bit fancy, Cara McHardy @cara_in_it wore a vintage kimono and dress. Well, she is an opera singer after all!

Afterwards, she said wearing pastels had really cheered her up.

"It's proven, colour has the power to affect you in so many ways." - Cara McHardy

Pink trousers, hmm. T-shirt from Topshop, vintage trench from Burberry @mabeldulwich

Ice cream sundae, the most amazing dress Rixo

Try something new. Enjoy your pastels, people!

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