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LOVE refresh

by Dominique Beverton

Dress £275 MAJE

So what does Valentine's Day mean? Shouldn't love/romance/chocolate be for life, not just Valentine's Day?

Well, there were actually quite a few St Valentines, so you could celebrate it more than once a year. But let's not get ahead of ourselves.

It's hard not to feel cynical when you are bombarded with all this overpriced merchandise. However, we can try and avoid this trap and be thoughtful and caring on a more meaningful level.

If you want to stick with the traditional red and pink (yes!!) then I have found some gems (not literally) that will be far more appreciated (I can assure you) and longer lasting.

Jacket £345 Trousers £239 SANDRO

Pure Fantasy at GUCCI

Dress from London-based company sisterjane.com #supportlocal


Don't get me wrong, I love flowers and chocolates but, if you're going to buy them, choose local independent shops that will really appreciate your support (what goes around comes round).

Cream Blush CHANTECAILLE £33

Face Cream BY TERRY £55

Foaming Bath Cream E COUDRAY £32 at ROULLIER WHITE

Rosewood and amber heart box made @sculpturalfurniture

A little bit of spontaneity does wonders.

Set the scene - scented candles and gorgeous bath oils.

Home-cooked food - make it special, be adventurous, think exotic or erotic. Choose food that doesn't need a knife and fork and feed each other!

Laugh - buy sexy underwear (for each other)

Keep it fresh and just do something different.

Use your imagination - there's a lot to do and see out there.

This day needn't be just for lovers, after all not everyone is in that kind of relationship. Get together with friends or family, appreciate each other, which, is key here, I think. We all want to feel loved and cherished.

And love is a universal language after all.

Surely love/romance/chocolate/lingerie isn’t just for Valentine's Day.

Failing that, you could just hop over to Paris for a weekend? Now that really is romantic.

Happy #Valentine's Day!


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