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Mothers and Daughters

Updated: Mar 11, 2018

By Dominique Beverton

"To describe my mother would be to write about a hurricane in its perfect power."

- Maya Angelou

Mother and daughter shopping.

Without a doubt, the relationship between a mother and daughter is one of the most intense, complex and possibly most turbulent relationships you'll ever have. But, in balance, it is also the most powerful, rewarding and special. I would say my relationship with my mum hasn't been without its difficulties, but having eight children is by no means easy!

I want this blog to be a celebration of motherhood, and all its varying thoughts and emotions. After all, I have my mum to thank for igniting my passion for clothes and vintage style, by taking us at a very young age (rather reluctantly) to jumble sales and charity shops. As a child, I used to find what I thought was 'unconventional' style a bit embarrassing, which is exactly how my girls were with me. Now they actually ask to borrow my clothes! I soon realised it was my mother's Parisian flair for putting together outfits with a quirky twist that inspired me.

I must also mention her cooking, which opened up my eyes to a whole new set of taste and variety - the French way! That meant a lot of meat (rabbit stew being one), and is perhaps the reason most of us became vegetarian.

They say a mother's love holds no bounds. It is, without doubt, profound and unconditional, but by no means easy. I have to say, since my daughter Grace has moved out, our relationship has become so much better and healthier. I do not miss the arguments. Now, we laugh and hang out together and share our love for vintage. She has grown into a strong, independent woman with a passionate feminist viewpoint, which makes me undeniably proud.

My other daughter is at the age where parents are really not that cool and words are few and far between (although I am finally winning her over in the style stakes).

We both went on the women's march recently, albeit separately! She has already formed strong political opinions and has a lot of determination, which should hold her in good stead.

My children really (forgive the cheesiness ) are the best thing that's ever happened to me. The love I feel for them is beyond any words. Plus, they make me laugh more than anyone else.

My mum is now at the ripe old age of 92. Age being the greatest leveller, we have now reached a place of understanding and patience.

My mum and me.

I asked a few people if they wouldn't mind contributing to this blog with their own stories and photos. I am so grateful to all of you for getting involved.

Vanessa aka @themodeledit, with her three beguiling daughters.

"Re my relationship with my daughters, I would say that they astounded me with the love that they provoked in me, from the nanosecond they entered my world. Who knew I had all of that inside me?

They are the better part of me, for example, I was a person of very little patience pre babies, and now I have that of a saint (lol), and essentially, through having my daughters I’ve experienced heights and depths of emotions that I had no idea of. What I mean is that being a mother has really stretched my horizons and enlarged my comfort zones, mentally. Physically I was so fit at the time and so I gave good Playground! The bottom line for me is that there are no people that I’d rather be with, no people that I’d trust more, and utterly no people that make me laugh so much. I have grown my own best friends."

- Words by Vanessa

Nicola @littlesisterrocks with her awesome daughter Bea.

"Being the mother of two sons, I thought I would never have a daughter. Having Bea was a lovely surprise! She is such a joy and a wise soul and I love her to bits! We have a good relationship which I hope will not be too tested in the upcoming teenage years! I don't seek to be her best friend, but I hope to be her loving support and cheerleader always."

- Nicola Brierley & Beatrice-Rose Brierley

Nadya Smith with her mum Jill Page.

"I thought I'd send you this (very old) photo of my mum and I because all I am as a mother is molded from me as a daughter. She was my dependable other, the calm to my storm and the light in my life journey. When that light went out I knew I would always remain a little lost, but in the darkness I hold my daughter's hand ever tighter till I hope I glow and become her light... It makes me laugh that I dated this photo by looking at the laundry behind us, my mum's pants choices increased in size with her age and, when I ruffle though my underwear drawer, it makes me wince and smile that I too am treading the 'larger is more comfortable' pant."

- Nadya Smith

Karen Arthur with her beautiful daughters

"Kareem and Maheni, 27 and 22. They're the sole reason I do what I do. A constant inspiration. I wanted to show them by example that your life is your choice and that if you don't like you can change it. They are bright, funny, intelligent, feisty, opinionated women who make me proud on a daily basis. They've battled insecurities to forge their own path in this difficult, bonkers world. And when I've felt at my lowest, their straight-talking encouragement has picked me back up and nudged me on. I'm honoured that they still like to spend time with me!"

- Karen Arthur @reddskinuk

Here are some snapshots of mothers with their daughters, who have kindly allowed me to take their picture.

Mothers and daughters on the Women's March.

Mother and daughter Renee and Laverne out shopping.

Mother and daughter on the Kings Road @house_anna_

Mother and daughter Deidre and Isabella shopping.

Mother and daughter protesting together on the Women's March @bearly.sane

I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to this. Yours words and pictures have been a true inspiration. Thank you for taking the time, I couldn't have done it without you.

Happy Mother's Day, everyone.

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