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Now the Decorations Have Gone

Updated: Jan 11, 2018

by Michaela Mir

Returning to my desk last week, I was thinking about how long it takes to adjust to the way my house looks after the Christmas period.

It always makes me feel a bit sad when the decorations come down; the joy and fun that's associated with putting them up. (Well, I call it fun, but the picture in my head of the kids and I dressing the tree never quite matches the reality! Especially when my stylist OCD kicks in as the kids cover the tree in every colour imaginable, and every bit of tat they can find!) Usually I can't help myself and I re-do the decorations once they've gone to bed, but I managed to resist the urge this year.

Perfectly styled or not, decorations always give a house a cosy feel, though.

Taking them down, of course, is another matter. No one is interested in helping with that bit, and the tree never quite fits back in the box the way it came out. Whingeing aside, the house always feels a bit empty once the sparkle is gone, but it's a great opportunity to have a re-jig and re-style to give your home a fresh feel.

These small changes can make a big difference to the look and feel of your home and, whether you've got a big or small budget, here are a few suggestions to help you style your home for the New Year.

1. Lighting. Think about what your Christmas decorations added to your home and what you liked about it. If it's the twinkly lights, then can you use fairy lights in vases or draped around mirrors and decorative accessories or similar lighting to create the same effect? Alternatively look for creative textured lighting solutions that add some interest to the space. Next and some of the high street supermarkets have lights similar to the LOVE light bulb sign featured above. The Vita feather lamp is available from Or & Wonder.

2. Plant life. If it's the deep green fir from the tree, wreaths or garlands, then consider using plants as an alternative. The Conran Shop featured Cacti and palms in its Summer window installations and these are a great solution to adding colour. Mix them in to collections of frames or vases to create interest.

3. Decorative accessories. If you miss the vibrant colours and textures that your decorations added, then think about how you can use decorative accessories and textiles to add colour and texture to your home. Group items of different styles and textures together to create interesting collections. (Items pictured available from #JohnLewis #Or&Wonder #Habitat #Next )

Pictured above are a few ideas with items we've purchased from the high street. Ikea, Habitat, Next, John Lewis, Paperchase and H&M Home have some great decorative accessories in the sale. If you are lucky enough to have a Zara home nearby they have some great Sale items too. #happyshopping

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