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Patterns and Prints

By Dominique Beverton

Patterns - 'shapes and forms that appear in a consistent way'

Shoes Topshop, £46

Patterns and prints - be it natural or man made - are generally eye catching and intriguing, and can make your outfit into a whole new talking point.

There are so many designs - geometric, stripey, floral, spherical, dotty - thus, so many choices.

For those who prefer a paired-back look, or who are simply not pattern people, best not go for the Gucci or Balenciaga!

The unskilled worker for Gucci . @unskilledworker

Wearing your art - who says clothes are superficial? Because there is so much going on here, on so many levels, it really works. Either go to extremes or try subtle.


Checks, dollar bills and newspaper print - a whole lot is going on. Politics and self-expression through your clothes, plus something to read on the bus!

Top-to-toe prints can be a bit daunting, but by balancing it out with simple accessories, this works as a lighter alternative to a heavy suit, and is easily transferable to an evening look, with some heels, perhaps?

Trousers £165 and top £140 Bimba Y Lola

Slingbacks & Other Stories, £79

Kemi Telford

See how she teams this bold Ankara print skirt with a more subtle one. Choosing a light pink with these blues is a match made in heaven. Midi skirt £40 @kemitelford

Yellow is the definitive Spring colour. Floral kimono at Topshop.

Abstract prints. With its simple, tailored design and pockets, this is so easy to chuck on over trousers (as shown!) Or not. Dress, £95. Topshop Boutique

Large florals and in shades of pink and blue, this is a great blouse you can team with anything. Blouse £65, Topshop.

A stripy suit works so well

Peas in a pod. What a fabulous print! Dolce and Gabbana

Euan Uglow

There are some great high street collaborations at the moment, making cool design more affordable. These signature prints by Marimekko just add fun to everything. Dress £34.90 Bag £19.90 Marimekko for Uniglo.

Teaming up The Barbican with Warehouse is a stroke of genius. This Bamboo silk dress is now £111.75 at Warehouse.

This is from the Erdem collaboration with H&M. I love the way she has put this look together, by putting this pretty glamorous coat with Doctor Martens.

This regular pattern reminds me of a wallpaper print (which, incidentally, happens to be making a big comeback). This is by a British brand which uses sustainable, organic fabrics and recycled materials. Dress by IDEN at Fenwicks, £395,

Dress by Shrimps, £425.

Bag £19.99, H&M

Patterns, colours and prints, all working so well together. By John Lewis.

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