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The modern woman's uniform

My epic fear of gymwear

by Dominique Beverton

So, firstly, this whole sportswear thing is way outside of my comfort zone. I do not own any Lycra, tight or otherwise, end of!

However I do like exercising (to a degree), just in my own time and in my own way. 5km is about my running max, I do certain exercises that I’ve picked up along the way and have recently joined a Pilates class (run by Sharon Gardner @coreoflifeuk (a local holistic chef and wellbeing coach).

So I am by no means a fitness guru. I still wear the same dance trousers or pants for everything that I bought in Decathlon (at the turn of the century), but I have invested in new trainers and sports bras, which I consider to be the essentials.

Ultra Run Bra £45 Sweaty Betty

I have to say I struggled a bit taking this photo, for obvious reasons (feeling totally exposed), but I decided to be brave and #keepitreal and this bra is one of my favourites in terms of comfort and support. The fact that Sweaty Betty is a U.K. based design company has to be a plus.

Check out these from Sweaty Betty, in red and pink!!!! Retro vibes - I will take the lot.

These wide leg trousers or tracksuit pants are my favourites.

Puffa Jacket £225, Padded Yoga Bra £40, Tracksuit Pants £110 Sweaty Betty

There is a fine line between clothes that look like sportswear, but aren’t. The High Street is full of shiny trousers with stripes - Nike and Sweaty Betty have incorporated this trend and nailed it. The 1990’s are back, yesss!

Top £34.95 Trousers £42.95 NIKE

An article in Vogue Daily this week asked: ‘Why we are wearing leggings outside the gym’?

With the likes of Gucci and Balenciaga making leggings look cool by teaming them with a blazer or floral dress, this is a look that is easy to emulate with High Street alternatives - Lululemon had some classic ones ideal for this.

So, is it any wonder that they have become ‘the modern woman’s uniform'? Maybe replacing dungarees and plimsolls for comfort?

My interest in this is on a grass roots level so, as part of my blog research, I like to talk and engage with people on the street, giving a whole different perspective on why and how they have chosen to wear something and which brands they like.

Here is a young Dulwich-based mum, using her local Sweaty Betty for daily casual wear.

Leggings Sweaty Betty

Another cool, sporty lady in her tennis gear. Asics are her favourite trainers for tennis.

Top & Bottoms M&S, Trainers Asics

Leggings from NIKE

So, while on the Kings Road I spotted this striking woman, striding along, and wearing head-to-toe fitness gear. Thinking she must know something about sportswear, I approached her and asked if she wouldn’t mind talking about her outfit. Her look was bold, bright and very professional - a true reflection of her personality perhaps ?

Annie and I spoke for about five minutes and, in that time, she blew me away with her energy, knowledge and passion for health, fitness and life, plus she doesn’t do gyms, preferring the great outdoors - yes, we have something in common!

Not only is she an ambassador for Sweaty Betty and Great Ormond Street, a personal trainer and endurance athlete, her physique is something to aspire to.


Sweaty Betty worn superbly by @anniefoulds

Needless to say we don’t all look like Annie, but finding gear that you feel confident and comfortable in must surely help and be a good incentive to any exercise regime.

I won’t be wearing leggings anytime soon , but some of the other gear is a definite!

Here are some little extras that can help you work from the inside out, with vitamins and minerals to help keep you energised and hydrated, plus some cool accessories for when you exercise.

  • S’well water bottle £25

  • Viridian Electrolyte fix £10.99

  • Puori vitamin C £9.99

  • M-Life Yoga mat £42

For even more tech support when you exercise, check out Jennie's blog from earlier this week on top tech to help you get fit in 2018!

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