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To ski or not to ski?

by Dominique Beverton


Skiing is a sport, or art form, that will probably always remain elusive to me.

I think the key is starting young, when you're fearless and don't care if you fall over and it's not just your pride that's hurt. I have no intention of enduring any unnecessary physical pain and those ski boots are a killer! However, I have no objection to strutting my stuff with the best of them for the 'apres ski' and feel no compunction in throwing on my ski gear, after all, if you look the part...

Saying that, these mountains can be walked on too, (that's far more my scene) and way more satisfying for me (obviously). The perspective may be different, but the alpine scenery and air are just as fresh and breathtaking.

Whole outfit from Decathlon

But what I love most about the whole ski culture is the way the whole family embraces it. You see everyone from toddlers up to septuagenarians (I use this term loosely) skiing and hanging out together.

The whole thing seems so idyllic and encapsulates everything that is good about living this way.

Ski wear is big business but, if you fancy something a bit more unique, which doesn't cost the Earth - vintage sites such as Depop and Rokit have some really cool stuff.

Once you have the outerwear sorted, layering is essential. I think Uniglo is hard to beat for their range of tops and leggings and offers real value for money.

The one thing that seems apparent with ski gear (apart from the amount of pockets - so important!), is that bold colour and prints are worn without restraint. Even down to the accessories, helmets and neon stripy goggles (UV protection is a must) are the norm. People seem to be less inhibited and leave the beige behind. Whatever the reason, a new uniform is unleashed onto the slopes. Perhaps it's just the sheer thrill and freedom of gliding down a mountain that has a cathartic effect.

For that instant health kick, what could be better than filling your lungs with super clean, unpolluted air?

Ski wear from Volcom

Clarins sun cream, £21.50 UVEX ski goggles (on sale) £63.86

Remember, even when skiing sun protection is vital.

Have fun on the slopes, everyone!

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